FOSSS (Friends of St Sidwell's School)

What is FOSSS?
FOSSS is our parents' teacher association and is an active group of parents, carers, grandparents and teachers, who organise social and fundraising events in school. Please do get involved – we are always looking for more people to help! If you want to get in touch please let the office know or email the Chair. 
What does it do?
  • FOSSS aims to advance the education of children at St Sidwell's by:
  • raising funds for school equipment and activities;
  • organising events which will promote social interaction between parents/carers;
  • organising events for the children which will enhance their experience of school life and their sense of participation in the life of the school;
  • increasing and improving communication between staff and parents/carers.
What events do FOSSS organise?
Events FOSSS organise include:
  • Christmas and Summer Fairs
  • School Disco
  • Cake Sales
  • Action weekends (clearing up the school grounds, maintaining the wildlife area etc.)
  • Promise Auctions
  • Tabletop Sales
  • Theatre performances
Where does the money raised go?
The money raised by FOSSS events pays for things the school budget can't stretch to, but which make the school a richer place for our children. These include:
  • Trips out of school to local events
  • A Birthday card for each child
  • Dressing-up clothes
  • Football team kit
  • Trikes for nursery
  • Support for "theme weeks"
  • Touring theatre companies
  • Ice creams on summer trips
  • Christmas crackers with school Christmas lunch
  • A small Christmas present for each child and so on.
The school wildlife area was originally created by FOSSS, to enhance the school grounds and curriculum. It has been improved further with a viewing platform. Any support from FOSSS members to maintain it is much appreciated. It consists of a pond, bog area and quiet areas surrounded by a variety of plants and shrubs.
How can you get involved?
Keep an eye out for newsletters and notices about forthcoming events and if you are interested in helping out, even in a small way, ask one of the committee members or in the office.
Come along to one of the meetings, new faces are always welcome. Please don't wait to be asked! We have at least one - very informal - committee meeting each term.
You do not need to become a committee member to attend the meetings and your involvement could be as much or as little as you wish.
The more people willing to help, even if it is only for one event helps FOSSS run smoothly. A list of FOSSS committee members and phone numbers is available from the school office. Our email address is if you want to contact us with ideas or questions.
Take an active interest in your child's school life and be surprised how much you get out of it yourself!