PE Activities

15th June 2017
Rounders at St, Luke's - Thursday 15th June 2017
Today, 24 children from years 5 and 6 travelled to St. Luke's high school to participate in a rounders competition. The weather was beautiful and the children showed great team work, sportsmanship and enjoyment with the games that were played. Competing against several other schools, two teams put their fielding and batting skills, learnt in PE, to the test. The children applied their skills from cricket and kidditch to play some great rounders. Well done for great efforts!
Quad Kids at St. Luke's - Tuesday 6th June 2017
Today, along with 8 year 6 children, 8 of year 5 travelled to St. Luke's high school to participate in Quad Kids. At the event, the children had to complete four events - standing long jump, vortex, a 75m run and a 600m run. It was a very exciting and challenging day where our school was competing against 11 other schools.
At the end of the day, the placings were announced and year 5 came 4th out of 12 other schools - well done, Year 5! Also a big well done to year 6 for their great efforts!