Religious Education and Collective Worship

At St Sidwell's C of E School we follow the 'Understanding Christianity' programme of work. Children attend collective worship each day and have time to develop their spirituality and reflection through both planned and spontaneous opportunities. 
Prayer Spaces
We have prayer spaces in each classroom which children can use for refection. There is also a shared indoor and outdoor prayer space which children can use during play times and lunch times. 
Children's views about Religious Education and Collective Worship in our school
'I like worship because I like the songs and I like acting out' (Year 1 child)
'I like praying because it's quiet, we can think about things that are happening to us and how to help others' (Year 2 child)
'You learn ways to help other people' (Year 4 child)
'It's fun and they teach you different ways you can be with Jesus' (Year 6 child)
Spirited Arts
All children across the school take part in a spirited arts unit of work each year. Pieces of art work are selected to be entered into the 'Spirited Arts' competition.  
Our RE Curriculum