Science Day 2020

27th January 2020
Monday 27th January 2020 - Science Day
Today, St. Sidwell's were joined by Professor Smart from Fizz Pop Sciece. Beginning our day, he did an 'Air-Mazing' assembly showing us the power of air. He levitated ping-pong ball and football and made paper flap in the air. 
Professor Smart then had KS2 throughout the day where the children were 'crazy chemists', they identified different liquids and their PH scales using universal indicator. Then, looking at the PH scale, had to decide if the liquid was acidic, neutral or alkaline. Following on from this, the children had the chance to create a change of materials by creating their own slime! Needless to say, it was very exciting.
Years 1 and 2 were visited by Dr Fox who taught them about oxygen and oxygenated blood. The children then had the chance to use stethoscopes to listen to each others' hearts and lungs, as well as used bandages to wrap up different parts of the body - a real life skill.
Year 3 and 4 were joined by Dr Santer, who works to develop 'rovers' on Mars. The children were challenged with created a 'lander' which was the heaviest but also which would fall the slowest. A real engineering challenge with great fun and collaboration.
Years 5 and 6 had Mrs Fox, Mr Matthews and some Science Ambassadors from West Exe Secondary School and were shown how to extract DNA from strawberries. The children said it was both amazing and cool and something which they want to try at home!
It has been a great day full of observations, questions and comments. Please ask your child what they have learnt and what their favourite part was. Also be sure to look on your child's class page for more photos and information about what they did today.
At Sidwell's we really want the children to be engaged in the sciences and have opportunities which promote exploration of the world around them!
Thank you all of the parents who volunteered their time, for the contributions made by parents and also to FOSSS for genroualy donating over half of the money needed for the Fizz Pop Science workshops.