Secrets and Codes

16th March 2018

The Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra at the Great Hall – Friday 16th March 2018


This afternoon, all of Key Stage Two were experienced a very exciting opportunity! The children in years three, four, five and six attended and participated in the afternoon performance of ‘Secrets and Codes’, presented by award-winning British composer James Redwood.  


In addition to music by Bartok, Elgar, Shostakovich and John Williams, the concert programme included brand-new music composed by James, including a BSO Body Percussion piece and a Secrets and Codes Makaton song. The children learnt these as part of their music lessons this half term. 


It was great to see all of the children joining in, performing along side the orchestra!


We played a few games, too, including guess the litemotif (a composition associated with a particular thing) - we all guessed Hegwig's Theme from Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean and, of course, the infamous Imperial March from Star Wars!


All of the children really enjoyed themselves and experienced something very speical! Thank you to all the parents and adults who came to help us walk to the Great Hall!

Some of the children's thoughts:
'I enjoyed listening to the BSO play the classical music.'
'My favourite part was when we tried to guess the theme tunes.'
'I loved EVERYTHING, but if I had to choose one thing, I would choose the thank you song by Elgar.'
'My favourite part was when the orchestra played their instruments because their playing was amazing!'
'I liked singing Secrets and Codes!'