Spring Term 2 2021

Monday 8th March 2021
Welcome back, Year 6! 
We ended our week last week on Thursday and, fingers crossed, it was our last day ever of remote learning (again, keep everything crossed)!
We are starting the third week this half-term and will be continuing with our great learning which we started at home...
Knowledge Organisers 
As we did before Christmas, we will go through spellings on a Monday and you will then be tested on a Friday :) These will being next week - WB: 15.03.21
Thursday 1st April 2021
Today the children enjoyed an Easter egg hunt and hot cross buns to celebrate Easter and the last day of term!
The children have worked incredibly hard this whole term and I know are looking forward to a well deserved rest over the holidays.
I look forward to welcoming back on the 19th April 2021.
Holy Week - Class Worship
This week in worship, we have discussed and reflected on Holy Week. We thought about the people involved in Holy Week, how they might have felt and what they might have said. We created freeze frames of the events and included what we thought the people might have said. 
We also use the events of Holy Week to link with our values of friendship, forgiveness and hope.
Living Eggs - Wednesday 24th March 2021
Last week, ten eggs arrived at school, and on the second day some hatched; by the end of the week all ten eggs had hatched. This week, the children were able to hold the chicks and they loved it! It was so exciting and they all found it rather sweet.
Thank you to FOSS for supporting this opportunity for the children (and the staff enjoyed it, too).
What We'll Build - Oliver Jeffers
This half-term, during our collective worship and PSHE time, we have been exploring Oliver Jeffer's book: What We'll Build. During this time, we have discussed lots of things in this book: how we can build a tool kit to help with our emotions; how we are similar and different to our friends; what things we might need to help us in the future; what things we can build and lots more.
Year 6 have bee very thoughtful during these discussions and shared their ideas and thoughts well. 
Maybe ask them what their favourite part of the story has been? What had their favourite illustration been? What messages have they taken from the book?
We took inspiration from the page:
"I'll build your future and you'll build mind. We'll build a watch to keep our time."
Here the children worked in partners and chose colours which they felt best represented them. They then shared and discussed what their similarities were and what their differences were. The similarities were placed where the colours cross over and the things that were special to just them went in their colour.
Forest School - Monday 29th March 2021
This afternoon was Year 6's final session with Mr Slater. The children will have the opportunity to showcase their newly learnt skills when we have our sleep-over at school where their fire building and cooking skills will be put to the test.
Thank you for Mr Slater for providing Forest School sessions for this this half-term!
Forest School - Monday 22nd March 2021
This week session is the class' penultimate one. Today, they spent time together in the spring sunshine and fresh air building fires and even getting to toast a marshmallow - very lucky!
Next week - Monday 29th March 2021 will be Year 6's last Forest School session. 
Forest School - Monday 15th March 2021
This afternoon, the children put their carving skills to the test as Mr Slater taught them how to carve and shape wood into a knife-like shape. They really enjoyed this and have brought their creations home to share with their families.
Forest School
Monday 8th March 2021
Today, the children had their first session back after lockdown.  They had a lovely afternoon in the spring sunshine - creating fires and spending time with their friends.
They had a great afternoon and are looking forward to next week already!