Stop Animation Film Club

Stop Animation Film Club
Every Monday, after school, from 3.30-4.30pm, excited children come to Stop Animation Film club where they get to create their own animation films. Using the school iPads, a stop motion app and a variety of stimulus', including lego, play mobil and even potatoes, the children create their very own films!
Enjoy watching some of their films below!
Monday 2nd March 2020
Monday 3rd February 2020
Monday 20th January 2020
Monday 13th January 2020
Monday 16th December 2019
Monday 9th December 2019
Monday 18th November 2019
Monday 11th November 2019
Monday 4th November 2019
Monday 28th October 2019
Monday 14th October 2019
Monday 30th September 2019
Monday 23rd September 2019
Monday 16th September 2019
Summer Term 2019
Thursday 21st March 2019
Thursday 7th March 2019
Thursday 4th October 2018
Thursday 20th September 2018
Take a look at some of the movies created during today's animation club - simple yet very effective!
Thursday 25th April 2019
Some of the films from Stop Animation Club 2017-18