Summer 2021

Developing Relationships and Managing Feelings   May 27th 2021
Many of our Nursery 2 children have now been in Nursery for almost a year. During that time, they have learned some vital social skills about playing together, sharing tools and toys, communication skills and how to manage their feelings.
This week we have been learning to have gentle hands in school; to use our hands to help each other, to look after our equipment and to learn and play carefully. We have also been singing a song about our angry feelings! Children suggested things we could do when we feel angry:
"If you're angry and you know it jump up and down!" "If you're angry and you know it kick a ball!" "If you're angry and you know it stamp your feet!" 
It is great to see the children using some of these ideas when they need to regulate themselves. 
Below are some photos of some of the kinds of activities which children do and help them to develop these vital skills. 
Newsletter May 19th 2021
Below is the latest Nursery Newsletter.  Please let us know if you would like any further information.
Ms Tong 
Getting ready to write! May 2021
Nursery children are developing many of the key physical and spatial skills they need to enable them to learn to write. 
Writing is a very complex process requiring many physical and cognitive skills. Children need to have the skills to see and represent the shapes of letters, to be able to understand and follow positional language as well as the physical skills such as holding a pencil and controlling it using many different muscles and very highly controlled movements from the shoulder through to the ends of the fingers! 
Playing is a great way to develop many of these skills. The photos below show children developing pre-writing skills in many ways.