Summer Fair and Summer Picnic

19th July 2019


Summer Picnic

Well, the rain did its best to dampen spirits but we are pleased to say it failed.

Well done, everybody for the great support you showed for both of today’s events.

The lunch time picnic was very well attended with some families equipped for sitting on the wet grass and others taking advantage of the extra room that had been made in the hall and the library. A wonderful array of foods were on sight, along with some great smells and lovely happy families. A big thank you to all of our lunchtime staff, too for their involvement in making sure the day went well.


Summer Fair

The rain continued and got a lot heavier come the afternoon for our Summer Fair. However, once again thank you all for your great attendance. The stalls moved inside and the choir performed in the hall. Henna, cookies, jewellery and plants, you name it then there was a stall for it- even a “pie face” stall.

Well done, to Year 6 and FOSSS and everyone else involved in stalls and organisation. And again, thank you for coming along to support the school- Rain or Shine!