Wildlife sightings at school

Welcome to our nature spotting page.
We have been working with the children over the last 12 years to create a wildlife friendly school in the centre of the city. Over the last three years there has been a noticeable increase in the wildlife visiting us, thanks to years of effort by the children.
We are so excited to at last have a hedgehog who has decided to visit our nature friendly school. 
Having noticed our hedgehog was behaving strangely and could not walk properly we followed the vets advice and looked at it very carefully and listened to its breathing. It seemed that its back legs had been damaged and were sore.
The hedgehog went to stay at the vet's so that they can see if it needs any medicine or help.We are now waiting to hear from the vet to find out if the hedgehog will be able to come and live in the school grounds again.
I left my phone call to the vet today with a heavy heart. Sadly our hedgehog had not only been badly injured but it also had lungworm and was suffering from hyperthermia. Despite the vet giving it medicine and care, it died in the night. 
I like to think it had made its way to our school because of the compassion that the children at St Sidwell's School have towards the natural world. Without them, it would not have been spotted, given love and cared for in its last hours. 
Thank you children for your great love, hope and care.
Perhaps other hedgehogs will follow in it's path.
Ms Tong spotted a sparrow hawk eating a pigeon in the foundation playground one morning. How exciting to see a food chain in action.