Year 4 Summer 2021




Well, it really was great to get out on an actual class trip!

Well done, to all the children who made a great effort with their outfits and everyone for taking part and being so enthusiastic on the day.

Matt, Becka and Harry really looked after us and we were shown and took part in workshops on metalwork (collectively creating an Anglo Saxon brooch!), woodwork ( we managed a mallet) and we all baked a small spelt roll each in a real cob oven!

As well as the workshops, we were foraging, eating (and being stung by) nettles and wood sorrel and we saw a great selection of animals including arctic fox, lynx, wolves, wild boar and bears.

Of course, we also got lost (some of us!) in a huge maze and dropped down the death slide.

A great day and we all had fun, learnt more about the Anglo Saxons and went home very tired- especially the adults. A big thank you to Mrs Souyad, Mr Best and Mrs Goff for their hard work in making sure all went well, too!

Key Stage 2 Sports Day


Despite being concerned about the long walk, Year 4 had a great day at the Arena for Key Stage 2 Sports’ Day. There was a great deal of excitement about the stadium and the track and the children were enthusiastic for all the events- win or lose! Very impressed with how they kept going – especially for the long walk back.

Well done on your throwing, jumping, running and skipping but especially your very positive attitude!

Great fun!


Year 4 Art work- The Great Wave


In a link with our geography learning on tsunamis, the children have been looking at the work of the famous Japanese artist, Katsushika Hokusai. Hokusai was known for his woodblock prints and the children took inspiration from his famous image of The Great Wave of Kanagawa.


Instead of block prints, the children used a mixture of watercolours for their backgrounds and acrylics for their seas and waves. I’m sure you would agree that they have very effectively used contrast and shades of colour to suggest movement and depth.

More pics to come soon!


National Numeracy Day 2021
Well, we had some great fun, today:
we challenged Year 3 to a TTRS Battle of the Bands;
mastered our Dominoes skills (no pizza involved); 
more strategy in Boxes and Tic-Tac-Toe;
Escape Rooms and Top Trumps were maths-base;
we had a Times-Table champ get 6 in-a-row;
and of course, some whole-class games of "21".
Hopefully, you will find time to try out some maths apps or share the Home Learning activities as a family.
Sewing- A money container
With admittedly a little nervousness on my part, we had a great Design & Technology session with our sewing, today. The children practised some simple running stitches and the joys of threading needles, pulling material and knots tangling were all tackled with patience and good spirits- well done, everyone!
 A special thank you to our Sewing Experts who might have missed a photo but were so helpful- we couldn't have done it without them!
Looking forward to making progress towards our Viking and Anglo-Saxon style purses. change-carriers, wallets...
Who Says Maths Isn't fun...
Not Year 4! Some great friendly competition and times table and number bond learning and practise in Year 4- lots of positive energy!
Bunny Therapy
Well, we had fluffy, chirpy, chick therapy then, and thank you very much to Jack's mum, we had soft, fluffy bunny therapy. Some of the children were a little worried to start with but we settled down to realising that the bunnies were friendly and very therapeutic to touch.