Year 4 Spring 2022


Dawlish Warren

A lovely day at Dawlish Warren where we learned how the Warren is being protected from the sea and the wind, saw the man-made tourist attractions and visited an arch eroded through the sandstone.

Stephen, one of the Rangers, presented us with a variety of information, models and some practical activities to demonstrate how the beach is being protected through natural and man-made means We tried our hands at creating barriers to protect our sandcastles using various materials including stones, seaweed, sand and marram grass. All of them worked pretty well with the marram grass group getting some extra praise from Stephen. Lots of running about, sand in shoes, red faces and fresh air. Great fun and learning, too.

A big thank you to Mrs Hadden and Dr Cottis for their help and, of course, Mrs Goff, too.


DT _Switches


Really impressed by Year 4 and their dexterity and switch-making skills. Preparation for their light making involved stripping wires and connecting switches, cells and bulbs. They made it look so easy!!

Great work!

Devon Wildlife Trust- the story-telling garden


Year 3 and Year 4 had the chance to help brighten up the School’s grounds this week, in particular, the future Story-Telling space. We made a great start by marking out boundaries for paths, and planted wild flowers, grass and bulbs to create, what will hopefully be, an inspiring and creative area for reading and imagination.

Keep an eye on the space (to the right of the Key Stage 2 bridge) as it all starts to take shape.

Thank you to Mrs Hallet for organising, Joy our gardener and Sarah & Emily from Devon Wildlife Trust.

The Secret of Black Rock
In our English, the children were taking on the roles of our main characters. Unfortunately, Erin had been swept off the back of her mum's boat while Archie her dog looked on, helplessly.
I hope you enjoy our Freeze Frame thoughts!




Well, these were certainly surreal!

The children explored the artist and through detailed and well-planned constructions, they did him proud with their own combinations of card, bright colour and copper wire. No glue or sticky tape in sight, either!

These masterpieces were briefly on display in our library but the delicate sculptures attracted so much attention and desire to handle them that they have had to be taken home.

Great 3D Art, Year 4!!


World Book Day

Lots of fun today, revisiting and making up and acting out our own fairy tales and traditional stories, quizzes on well-known books, telling stories and solving puzzles. And of course, listening to stories and reading- it is all about books, after all.


Chick Therapy


You will have heard, by now, that the school had some chicks that the children were able to see grow and hatch in school- an incredible experience.

The chance to hold the soft fluffy poo machines is a time for the children to connect with nature.

The chicks are excitable but delicate and Year 4 clearly took a lot from the opportunity to spend a little time with the birds and handle them with care and respect.



Drama at Exeter School


Year 4 had a great afternoon at Exeter School, on Wednesday. An invite from Drama Teacher, Mr Harknett, who had previously enjoyed part of his training at St Sidwell’s, saw the children taken through drama-based games and activities in Exeter School’s great little theatre. Exeter’s Lower Sixth children were very welcoming  and warmed us up with games including Splat and a directional game that helped us learn the locations within the theatre.

The main event was based around freeze frames for friendship; friendship being a theme very important at St Sidwell’s, and to Year 4, in particular. The small groups took up positions representing the theme, such as ' first meeting', 'making- up' and 'sharing', and the finale, under the coloured lghts of the theatre space, was wonderfully effective, as you can see from the photos.

Thank you again to Exeter School, Mr Harknett and Lower Sixth for hosting us, and to Mrs Souyad and Mr Price for helping us to get there and back and keeping us safe in the winds.


Miro Sculptures


Well, just look at the concentration on these faces.

Precision engineering and architecture in action as the Year 4 children take the next step in their Miro sculptures.

The good news is that no stickytape has or will be harmed in this process and instead, cutting, joining, and eventually copper wire will form the basis of these Miro surrealism-based 3D structures.

Old cardboard being put to good use I’m sure you’ll agree and look out for progress in the days and weeks ahead.




Creative Times


Year 4’s artistic minds have been busy since we have returned to school.


Our art unit has an outcome of Miro-based sculpture. However, I am sure you would agree that these collages, influenced by the artist and combined with pen-drawing produced by listening to sounds (and in this case, poetry), is wonderfully effective. The variety is something that I was particularly struck by.


In Computing, for some children, this has been their first taste of animation. Lego monsters, lego-people disappearing into “water” and flights and destruction all features in these short experiments with the “Stop-Go” style made famous by Wallace and Gromit, in particular.




Birds in the Trees by Year 4


In an Art project that involved practising and researching mark-making (including Monet and Van Gogh) and studying and sketching local birds, the children then created a composition of their own.

The backgrounds were either watercolours or chalks depending on their preference and the trees were created using masking tape to define areas. Then line markings of their own choosing were added.

The colours, shapes and shading look particularly impressive when you step back and take in the context.