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Year 4 Autumn 2022

The Black Rock

The children have been exploring ideas for their writing of their stories based on The Legend of the Black Rock. Here, we looked at our character who had hidden away on a boat and been thrown overboard.

How foolish she felt that nobody would know where she had gone as sank beneath the waves…

Mission Danceable

In our PE, we have been choreographing group dances around a theme of spies and secret agents. The children were developing canons in this lesson and danced wonderfully well in their small groups with great timings.

The Woodland Trust

Last week, we had a visit from the Woodland Trust. Year 4 spent time in the school grounds preparing and planting bulbs and  and dropping seed bombs in the orchard area- so look out for the flowers, next spring and summer. We also learned more about seed dispersal and how different trees used different methods from wind, to birds, to animals, to spread their seeds far and wide.

Thank you to the Woodland Trust and to Mrs Galloway for organising this. We will be popping out to Woodbury next year to help with their tree planting process, too.

Asterix Cinema Trip

As a reward for their great efforts in class, and to, hopefully, inspire some story and history ideas, we attended the showing of Asterix the Gaul, at the Phoenix cinema.

This was part of the IntoFilm initiative and was free to all. Several of our children had never been to the cinema before, so it was a wonderful opportunity for them to go, for the first time, surrounded by friends, to enjoy a fun and “very loosely” historical tale.

A big thank you to Maja & Melissa’s mum and to Jacob’s dad for helping with the walking, too.

Art and words

In our Art unit, the children explored some of their favourite poems and picked out key words and phrases. They interpreted these through art in a comic-strip style and incorporated the text to great effect- they are very eye-catching and intriguing to passers-by.

This is us! 

We are Year 4- Sycamore class and we learn and play together.

This is the picture that we use in our Reward Chart.

Stars of the Half Term

These are our current Stars of half term. Here we have our TTRS Champs- they have been excelling in times tables efforts, our Stars of the Week- they help the class and act as role models, our Vocabulary Ninjas- they have applied great new words in their writing, and our Reading stars for effort, words and books read.

Well done to these children and everyone else for their great efforts, too.

Exploring pitch and volume

In our science this half-term, we have been exploring how sounds are made and how they can be changed. We used musical instruments in some of our lessons and changed pitch and volume and really appreciated the importance of vibrations in the travel of sound.

String Telephones

The children explored how sound is produced when an object vibrates. They transferred sound between air and cups and long string to allow it travel distance. We learnt that due to the number of and density of particles in solid the vibrations find it easier to travel. We explored different types of string and sizes of cup, as well as distance, in our investigations.


As part of our transition into Year 4 from Year 3 we took part in team activities. In this exercise we had to get from one end of the hall to the other without putting our feet in the "shark-infested waters".

According to Mr McLeod, we worked together better than any groups or class he has seen doing this before!

School Motto

Thinking Creatively, Learning Together, Trusting in God.

Mission Statement

Hope, Friendship, Forgiveness, Trust, Peace