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Year 4 Spring 2023



Science: A fair test


It may look just like a collection of nasty-looking liquids running down a plastic tray but this was a very important science lesson! As part of their unit on States of Matter, Year 4 were investigating the speeds at which various liquids travelled. This was trickier than expected as they had to use the keep a lot of variables the same such as the slope, the surface and the amount of each liquid used. A messy science lesson but important one, too.


Chicks in School


The little poop machines returned to school, last week. The children had a great opportunity to watch them hatch and then handle the fluffy little balls of cuteness. It’s not only a scientific awe and wonder situation to watch these little creatures break through their shells but it’s also very a therapeutic moment for the children, especially if they have no pets of their own, to handle the little fluff balls. Thanks to Mrs Pennington for organising this annual treat, once again.

World Book Day - Year 4 - 2023 


A lovely day in Year 4 centred around reading and writing.

There was great enthusiasm and imagination shown in our collaborative writing where the children composed narratives that require the reader to make the choices for the character. We then quizzed on fairy tales, heard a few stories and were visited by Jade from the schools' library who shared lots of new books with the class and encouraged them to make their own reading list. Thank you to Jade and Mrs Fukes for organising this.

Finally, we ended the day by listening to some lovely reading with Year One and reading a few stories to them, too.

Happy World Book Day and well done on some great outfits, too.

Year 4

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!


I hope that you managed some fun and a rest and weren’t hit by any illness over the two weeks.

Here’s to a fun-filled and healthy New Year

Best wishes Mr McLeod with some Christmas Party photos for you to enjoy.






Science- Humans and Animals


Well, as you can probably guess from the mess and the sloppiness, Year 4 have been learning about  the digestive system in their Science lessons. They may have told you about creating their own poop and looking at how their intestines and stomach worked- I think Mrs Statton had the most fun of all!


DT- Sewing Money Containers

Or wallets and purses you may say? The children have been very enthusiastic and very helpful with less confident classmates in this project. Sewing can be frustrating for some but there has been a lot of perseverance, patience and some great ideas and imagination, too. Carefully sewn and hopefully strong enough for the job of carrying all the tooth fairy and Christmas coins coming their way. Thank you to Mrs Weir and our volunteers Mrs Richardson and a special ex-pupil, for their help, too

School Motto

Thinking Creatively, Learning Together, Trusting in God.

Mission Statement

Hope, Friendship, Forgiveness, Trust, Peace