Year 4

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                                                   Miss Katy Russell - Year 4 Teacher                  Mrs Samira Souyad - Teaching Assistant


Welcome to Year 4!

Thank you for visiting our class page! My name is Miss Russell and I am the year 4 class teacher and Mrs Souyad is our wonderful teaching assistant. 

In Year 4, we love to learn in different ways and especially enjoy working collaboratively and in practical ways. We have high expectations of ourselves and always put maximum effort into our learning. 

We believe that trips and visits make our learning more meaningful and engaging. Each half term, we plan at least one trip or visit linked to our learning. 

Please keep a close eye on our class page to see what Year 4 have been up to in school. We update our pages at the end of each half term. 


Autumn 1 Curriculum Newsletter Year 4 2023

Autumn 2 Curriculum Newsletter Year 4 2023

Spring 1 Curriculum Newsletter Year 4 2024

Spring 2 Curriculum Newsletter Year 4 2024

In the Spring term we have been exploring new and interesting topics , from the Vikings to the human body we have used real life situations whenever possible to support our learning. 

In English we have read, appreciated and composed our own pieces of writing. While reading 'Leon and the Place between' we even created a beautiful, finalised piece of work. We used our understanding of pattern and collage in Art to help us create booklets inspired by our text to display our successful writing proudly. 


In History, we have been learning about the Vikings and have used different retrieval techniques to concrete our learning. For example, we used the grids in the playground to write down or draw everything we could remember about the Vikings, we each remembered different things so contributing to each others grinds allowed us to remember everything we had learnt. We also had the opportunity to make our own Viking boats, with their typical shallow draft, oars for windless days and shields to help protect them. 

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In Science we did an experiment, using eggs in different liquids to investigate what might happen to our teeth in these different liquids, we predicted what we thought would happen, ensured it was a fair test and recorded the results. It was really interesting to note all the changes to the eggs, and a little smelly! We also discovered the important features of a food chain, and ordered our own. We have been learning about the stages in digestion and even got to eat some biscuits as we discussed what would be happening to the biscuit at each stage of digestion. 

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