Support for Children and Families




Hello, my name is Nicki Shokar, I am the Family Support Worker at St Sidwell’s School. I act as a point of contact for families who have any concerns about their child in relation to school, or are experiencing difficulties at home which are affecting family wellbeing.  I aim to provide emotional and practical support, advice and information to all families in our school community.   I work closely with families, school staff and, when necessary, outside agencies, to help get things back on the right track.  In times of stress, confusion, change or loss, having someone to talk to, who can offer a new perspective, may make a big difference and could stop a problem from escalating.  I listen without judgement and will do my best to help.

I work on Tuesdays/Thursdays/Fridays. If you need any advice or help on a family-related issue, or are worried about a particular situation at home or school, please get in touch.  You can contact me by email: to arrange a private chat.

Many Thanks

Nicki ShokarFamily Support Worker