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Curriculum Overview

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Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement


Curriculum Intent

We provide a rich, varied, creative and inclusive curriculum that enables every child to flourish in all areas of school life and beyond, and to make the progress of which they are capable. 

We equip children with the knowledge and skills that embed an enthusiasm and love of learning. 

We aim for children to be independent and collaborative learners and thinker who are willing to challenge themselves and others, take risks and never give up. We embrace, encourage and celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of individuals in our school community which underpins our teaching and learning. 

We promote the physical, social, spiritual, emotional and cognitive development of all children through our curriculum in order to enable every child to experience life to its fullest. 

Curriculum Implementation

Knowledge and skills are taught progressively throughout our curriculum. Lessons address key questions and explore a range of social, environmental, economic, political, theological aspects that encourage and provoke thought and discussion amongst our children and staff. 

Teachers provide opportunities for children to voice their opinions and equip them with the necessary knowledge, skills and vocabulary to do so.

Topics will aim to include a range of creative opportunities including visiting experts, educational visits, local expertise and memorable experiences where possible.  

Through the use of Schemas and Knowledge Organisers, we ensure that our children are supported to understand and remember more. Our teaching strategies are developed through the Walkthrus Toolkit which is underpinned by the theory of Rosenhines Principles of Instruction. These strategies ensure that children are able to make links and connections between key facts and prior learning, and that new vocabulary is made clear to them throughout.

Curriculum Impact

We strive for ALL children to succeed and so we are continually monitoring and adapting our curriculum offer. Our Senior Leadership Team and Curriculum Subject Leads continually monitor individual subjects as well as our curriculum as a whole, by reviewing learning, evaluating pupil voice, highlighting areas of development and providing individual feedback to move practice forward through regular professional development.

For further information on our curriculum, please contact the Headteacher, Mrs Angie Rowe: SID.Admin@stcmat.org


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