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Our School Values

Our Six School Core Values are:

  • Hope
  • Friendship
  • Forgiveness
  • Trust
  • Peace
  • Respect


Our Mission Statement

Staff and Governors have captured the essence of our school in the following simple, memorable statement:

Thinking creatively, learning together, trusting in God

The statement was determined to reflect the following:

Thinking Creatively

Our curriculum offers children opportunities to be 'creative'. This not only refers to the creative arts but also to creative thinking. Through interesting cross-curricular themes children are able to apply their skills and knowledge in new situations and wherever possible they are given choice. This means they can try things out and create something unique, which in turn boosts children’s confidence and makes them more committed to their learning. Equally, we encourage adults to think creatively about their teaching and about what they offer to children and to engage in an open discussion about things they have tried out.

Learning Together

Relationships are very strong in our school and there is a culture of collaboration and co-operation between children, between adults, and between children and adults. We are all on a learning journey and expect to support one another along the way. Children work comfortably in a range of groupings as well as on their own and they expect to talk about and share their learning. There is a strong “togetherness”. Adults also welcome opportunities for professional development and are willing to share their learning with one another and where appropriate also with children.

Trusting in God

As a Church of England school we promote the belief that God will support us in school and throughout our lives and that we should trust in Him. We are very aware of the large number of children in our school from other faiths, or from no faith, but aim to give all children opportunities to understand basic Christian principles so that they are informed and able to make personal choices about their faith as they grow older.

Our Vision

 St Sidwell’s is an inclusive school with a strong Christian ethos, a belief in the importance of community and a commitment to excellence for all. We embrace, encourage and celebrate diversity. We see this as way for the School and wider Community to be inspired and excited, to explore the world and have confidence to grow. We want to make a difference to every child to enable them to experience life to its fullest, feeling valued and growing in confidence and in safety.

We embrace the spiritual, physical, academic, emotional, moral and social development of children so they can flourish as unique individuals.

Our Purpose

  • We provide a rich, varied and creative curriculum that enables every child to achieve and flourish in all areas of school life and make the progress of which they are capable.
  • We teach to equip children with the skills to learn which will embed an enthusiasm and love of learning.
  • We aim for our children to be happy, self-confident, independent and collaborative learners who are willing to challenge themselves, take risks and never give up.
  • We encourage strong partnerships within and across the community so that all staff, pupils, parents and community members feel welcomed, safe and involved.
  • We celebrate the uniqueness of individuals and promote the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of all. 
  • We develop a love and responsibility for the world in which we live and encourage everyone to become mindful, caring and active members of the community and the wider world.

All our decisions and actions are delivered through our mission statement:

Thinking creatively, learning together, trusting in God.


Our shared definition of Spirituality