Nursery have had a wonderful time this half term learning all about Travelling. They have spent their time in school exploring and adventuring, and developing those all important skills needed for school.

They have been enjoying their ‘Squiggle whilst you Wiggle’ sessions which help the children with their different mark making skills. It helps to develop both fine and gross motor skills needed for writing.

They have also been learning about different patterns and textures, and went on a nature walk around the school grounds to take some bark rubbings.

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The children have also been working super hard, learning to write their names! Each morning the children are encouraged to write their name on the whiteboard using a name card if they need to. We also encourage the children to write their names when they have drawn a picture or created something for extra practice.

Noor  Kayan  Christabel  Abbey

Mrs Foy and Miss Enticott have been working hard to develop the children’s love of reading and writing through exploring their imaginations. They have been on a magic train ride in the school playground, and even sailed on a pirate ship!

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Little Learners made a visit to St Sidwell’s where the children were joined with their parents to enjoy some very fun mark making opportunities all linked to their topic, Travelling. They enjoyed getting messy with the Car Wash and practising their fine motor skills by scooping and pouring. The FSU staff also made a bike wash outside with bubble wrap for the children to ride through.